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  • SPOC Name : S.RAJESH
  • Partnering since : Jun-2016
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Course Wise Course Name Present Gold Elite Silver Success Participation
1Environmental Soil Chemistry101000
2Natural Hazards202000
3Plastic Waste Management302001
4Digital Land Surveying And Mapping (DLS&M)200002
5Hydraulic Engineering101000
6Soil Mechanics/Geotechnical Engineering I100010
7Integrated Waste Management for a Smart City1506171
8Project Planning & Control101000
9Advanced Concrete Technology55000352
10Glass Processing Technology960210
11Glass in buildings : Design and applications803230
12Earthquake Resistant Design of Foundations24000618
13Introduction to Engineering Seismology101000
14Waste to Energy Conversion1003052
15Technologies For Clean And Renewable Energy Production201001
16Introduction to Blockchain Technology and Applications101000
17Operating System100010
18Computer Networks and Internet Protocol101000
19An Introduction to Programming through C++303000
20Problem Solving through Programming in C1003205
21Programming in Java702320
22Data Base Management System27061119
23Cloud computing100010
24Introduction to internet of things1705075
25Introduction to Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things601140
26Programming, Data Structures And Algorithms Using Python9801812068
27Data Science for Engineers7703462611
28Introduction to Machine Learning1000046
29Social Networks101000
30Python for Data Science101000
31The Joy of Computing using Python26088010
32Big Data Computing100010
33Google Cloud Computing Foundations500023
34Fundamentals of Automotive Systems100100
35Design, Technology and Innovation1807065
36Electronics Equipment Integration and Prototype Building100010
37Principles of Signals and Systems100010
38Electric Vehicles - Part 1101000
39Advance power Electronics and Control100010
40Evolution of Air Interface Towards 5G100001
41VLSI Signal Processing100001
42Principles of Signal Estimation for MIMO/ OFDM Wireless Communication201001
43Digital Circuits100001
44Millimeter Wave Technology100001
45Digital VLSI Testing300012
46Semiconductor Devices and Circuits100010
47Electrical Equipment and Machines: Finite Element Analysis100010
48An Introduction to Coding Theory200020
49Introduction to Embedded System Design402011
50Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality200200
51Speaking Effectively101000
52Soft Skill Development100010
53Introduction to Cognitive Psychology402200
54Technical English for Engineers101000
55Introduction to R Software304511010
56Rapid Manufacturing100100
57Automation in Manufacturing101000
58Product Design and Development210100
59Work System Design11255541101
60Engineering Metrology100010
61Introduction to Composites200011
62Integrated Marketing Management101000
63Principles of Human Resource Management100010
64Financial Management For Managers300030
65Design Thinking - A Primer110000
66Industrial Safety Engineering101000
67International Business302010
68Solar Energy Engineering and Technology2005159