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  • Designation : Assistant Professor,DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING
  • Partnering since : Mar-2016

Course Wise Course Name Present Gold Elite Silver Success Participation
1Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering502030
2Dairy and Food process and products technology200200
3Thermal operations in food process engineering: Theory and applications200011
4Plant Developmental Biology100001
5Biomedical nanotechnology202000
6Strength of Materials101000
7Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures210100
8Structural Dynamics for Civil Engineers - SDOF systems101000
9Principles of Construction Management201010
10Integrated Waste Management for a Smart City402110
11Wastewater Treatment and Recycling602031
12Matrix Method of Structural Analysis101000
13Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory200200
14GPS Surveying100001
15Sustainable Materials and Green Buildings802141
16Remote Sensing and GIS101000
17Glass Processing Technology100100
18Advanced Concrete Technology100001
19Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Applications101000
20Mechanical Unit Operations100001
21Programming in C++100001
22An Introduction to Programming through C++200020
23The Joy of Computing using Python1010801
24Introduction to Programming in C501103
25C Programming and Assembly Language500014
26Computer Vision101000
27Python for Data Science402020
28Cloud Computing1508520
29Introduction to Internet of Things1206150
30Social Networks101000
31Ethical Hacking611211
32Switching Circuits and Logic Design201010
33Programming In Java702302
34Basic Electric Circuits700052
35Digital Image Processing101000
36Pattern Recognition and Application100100
37Infrared Spectroscopy for Pollution Monitoring100001
38Introduction to learning analytics101000
39Biology for engineers and other non-biologists1907264
40Technical english for engineers110000
41Developing Soft Skills and Personality101000
42Soft skills101000
43Population Studies101000
44Energy Economics and Policy100001
45The Psychology of Language100100
46Manufacturing Systems Technology Part I & II101000
47Fluid Machines100100
48Manufacturing of Composites100100
49Fundamentals of Surface Engineering : Mechanisms, Processes and Characterizations803311
51Aircraft Propulsion400040
52Project Management100010
53Financial Derivatives & Risk Management100001
54Decision making using financial accounting100001
55Marketing research and analysis100001
56Human Resource Development100010
57Performance and Reward management200011
58An Introduction to Materials: Nature and Properties (Part 1: Structure of Materials)200002
59Structural Analysis of Nanomaterials904140
60Fundamentals of electronic device fabrication310200