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Course Wise Course Name Present Gold Elite Silver Success Participation
1Biomedical nanotechnology201010
2Strength of materials620304118
3Matrix Method of Structural Analysis604020
4Concrete Technology1100056
5Advanced Concrete Technology18000711
6Reinforced Concrete Road Bridges422000
7Design of reinforced concrete structures24070170
8Wastewater Treatment and Recycling27040230
9Fire Protection, Services and Maintenance Management of Building1601096
10Geotechnical engineering laboratory100010
11Introduction to Accounting and Finance for Civil Engineers100001
12Heat Transfer100010
13Infra Red Spectroscopy for Pollution Monitoring101000
14Computer Architecture402011
15Problem Solving through Programming in C400040
16Programming in C++903024
17Introduction to Programming in C1003052
18Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms using Python1801089
19The Joy of Computing using Python1227030
20Data Base Management Systems501031
21Computer Networks and Internet Protocol24010221
22Introduction to Machine Learning302010
23Deep Learning303000
24Cloud Computing201010
25Introduction to Internet of Things704030
26Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases200020
27Hardware modeling using verilog18010611
28Discrete Mathematics101000
29Design and pedagogy of the introductory programming course201010
30Power system analysis100001
31Recent Advances in Transmission Insulators422000
32Basic electrical circuits12000012
33Advanced Linear Continuous Control Systems: Applications with MATLAB Programming and Simulink202000
34Introduction to Wireless and Cellular Communications101000
35Discrete Time Signal Processing101000
36Applied Optimization for Wireless, Machine Learning, Big Data100010
37Digital Circuits16113301216
38Design of photovoltaic systems100010
39Op-Amp Practical Applications: Design, Simulation and Implementation800062
40Introduction to Smart Grid100010
41An Introduction to Information Theory101000
42Introduction to Research605010
43Outcome based pedagogic principles for effective teaching101000
44Stress Management101000
45Technical english for engineers2430102012318
46Soft skills440100277
47Developing Soft Skills and Personality23501530802
48Cognition, Transformation and Lives100010
49Introduction to probability and Statistics500014
50Transform Techniques for Engineers100010
51Matrix Solver100010
52Introduction to Abstract and Linear Algebra514000
53Introduction to Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes300012
54Energy conservation and waste heat recovery100010
55Laws of thermodynamics101000
56Principles of Casting Technology401021
57Advanced Composites101000
58Manufacturing of Composites100010
60Engineering Metrology101000
61Fundamentals of Surface Engineering: Mechanisms,Processes and Characterizations101000
62Work System Design101000
63Ethics in Engineering Practice200011
64Marketing Management-I101000
65Business Analytics & Data Mining Modeling Using R-PART II100010
67Structural Analysis of Nanomaterials202000
68Solid state physics202000